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How to Choose the Perfect Story

For Middle Schoolers. Any suggestions? I have taught quite a few classes before, and tutor many different aged-students in reading and writing weekly, but have never really designed a full-calendar course for Middle School students. I just found out that I am teaching two classes on Wednesdays this summer to …

Stressed out student- not a LFP original image.

10 Ways to Not Fail Your College English Class

For many people, introductory English classes at a University level seem almost too easy, especially if they had great teachers in high …

Students Who Inspire Their Teachers

Hello Readers, It is often the case that I feel I learn more from my students than I expect to, and sometimes …

Definition of Hegemony

Last Thursday I met with a brilliant new student. She is working on a paper for the novel 1984, and wanted to …

For the Love of Stories

For the Love of Stories I have been really fascinated lately (and pretty much for life, actually), with the concept of stories, …


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