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So much fun with Georgie 046
Went to an old friends' wedding, and met the most adorable flower kid.
Went to literally the coolest art supply store of all time and spent way too much money on art supplies. Do I regret it. No way! I needed a creative outlet.

Typing with a dog on your arm

is difficult. That’s not my excuse for being absent from the blog for such a long time, but it is actually very difficult. And I wonder why I have neck problems! Sorry about the radio silence lately- I have been going through some very exciting life changes. Won’t go into …

Meanwhile, at a coffee shop in Seattle, this barista slaves away saving for the day she can finally send her cat to be trained as a ninja.

The Power of Ninja Cats

I tipped. Wouldn’t you? Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Cheers, Miss E

They always have the most beautiful stonewear mugs.
Here is an example of the wall hangings I'm referencing - they probably have one of the coziest restrooms I have been in.
A Muddy Cup, Seattle

A Muddy Cup, Coffee Shop Love Story

I’m a sucker for books, cozy reading chairs, and eclectic hippy stuff. Not surprisingly, one of my absolute favorite places to go …

The Main Archade
Sourced from Kellyn, credited to (
The Main Arcade

Music Feature: The Main Arcade

If you have not heard of The Main Arcade yet, you would not be the only one. However, you might want to …

American dystopian flag seattle lookingforpemberley

Wordless Wednesday Writing Challange

Try writing for 10 minutes or more a scene where a character experiences the below moment (in first person):

Slam Poetry and Justified Rage

There are lots of angry people in the world. We all get angry at different times, since we do not necessarily live … Pride and Prejudice quote
All the things! 073

Everyone Loves Quotes!

Hello readers, I know quotes are “all the rage” these days on the internet, but I rarely see quotes in front of …

Photo by Anne Staveley from
A photo I took last year at the Tractor

Artist of the Week: Elephant Revival

Ironically, this band will be performing tonight at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, but I will be unable to make it. However, …

Like the donut shape Georgie the dog is making? Then you might want to check out the post about Donut Cats!
Hey look! a fish to lighten the mood a little bit!
waiting for the bus

Male Oppression?

My brother and I had a really interesting conversation about a month ago. As I side note, my brother has been growing …

My favorite picture of these guys!
Photo by Oliver Lazer
Here are more pictures of Hermes enjoying his Donut Cat post-birthday party :) You can find his facebook page HERE.

Interview with MarninSaylor, Inventors and Craftsmen of the World-Famous “Donut Cat”

  Don’t know what a Donut Cat is? Well, you are about to find out. I was enjoying a ginger cookie and …

See? Dogs Do smile :) This is a picture also taken by Miss E for Looking for Pemberley

“These are a few of my favorite things!”

EDIT: Yes, I love The Sound of Music. And Julie Andrews :) When I was thinking about the real purpose of this …

Georgie- he is my newl
Beets and such 025
A painting I made- need creative expression.

~Another Year Unwritten

Hello, I am turning another year older this July 7th. It does not feel like I should be this old. In fact, …

I made this with one of those Kaleidoscope apps when I was waiting for the bus one day.

Review: Truth Like the Sun, Jim Lynch

Hello readers! It is that time again for the blog where I share my thoughts on a reading experience. I have another …


Street Harassment is Bullshit

Street harassment is totally lame. I know men experience it occasionally, and I would love to hear your stories about it if …


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