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So much fun with Georgie 046
Went to an old friends' wedding, and met the most adorable flower kid.
Went to literally the coolest art supply store of all time and spent way too much money on art supplies. Do I regret it. No way! I needed a creative outlet.

Typing with a dog on your arm

is difficult. That’s not my excuse for being absent from the blog for such a long time, but it is actually very difficult. And I wonder why I have neck problems! Sorry about the radio silence lately- I have been going through some very exciting life changes. Won’t go into … Pride and Prejudice quote
All the things! 073

Everyone Loves Quotes!

Hello readers, I know quotes are “all the rage” these days on the internet, but I rarely see quotes in front of …

Like the donut shape Georgie the dog is making? Then you might want to check out the post about Donut Cats!
Hey look! a fish to lighten the mood a little bit!
waiting for the bus

Male Oppression?

My brother and I had a really interesting conversation about a month ago. As I side note, my brother has been growing …


Street Harassment is Bullshit

Street harassment is totally lame. I know men experience it occasionally, and I would love to hear your stories about it if …


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