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How to Choose the Perfect Story

For Middle Schoolers. Any suggestions? I have taught quite a few classes before, and tutor many different aged-students in reading and writing … Pride and Prejudice quote
All the things! 073

Everyone Loves Quotes!

Hello readers, I know quotes are “all the rage” these days on the internet, but I rarely see quotes in front of …

Review: Bride and Prejudice

Hello readers! Some of you will remember that I wrote a review a while back about a Sense and Sensibility Kollywood adaptation …

What is Queer Theory?

Hello dear readers! I have had a few questions recently about some of the terms that we use here often at Looking …

Moby Dick Door

I have been posting pretty frequently this week, primarily because all of Seattle was shut down in what you may have heard …

Reading Queue

I have noticed lately that I am not reading nearly as much as I usually do. I was staring at a computer …


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