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"Nothing is so bad as a separation."
Dress is a frivolous distiction Georgie
Verdure as refreshment Georgie

Jane Austen and Dogs

Here is Georgie, illustrating some Austen quotes. Just because this is how my brain works. Can you guess which excerpts are from which novels? .Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Regards, Miss E

Georgie the dog
Georgie the dog
Photo cred: Flickr user kenteegardin

Reading Habits I Ditched After Graduate School

While looking for books to teach in my previously discussed summer course, I realized that my joy of reading has not left …

How to Choose the Perfect Story

For Middle Schoolers. Any suggestions? I have taught quite a few classes before, and tutor many different aged-students in reading and writing …

Here we have Anne again- a screenshot this time.
Mr. Elliot
Captain Wentworth ::swooon::

On Persuasion, BBC 2007 Adaptation

Nothing beats the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, and nothing ever will. Have you seen … Pride and Prejudice quote
All the things! 073

Everyone Loves Quotes!

Hello readers, I know quotes are “all the rage” these days on the internet, but I rarely see quotes in front of …


Why I Should Not Watch Downton Abbey

I know, right? You might think that this show is right in my sweet spot of the mix between England, BBC, a …

Review: Bride and Prejudice

Hello readers! Some of you will remember that I wrote a review a while back about a Sense and Sensibility Kollywood adaptation …

What is Queer Theory?

Hello dear readers! I have had a few questions recently about some of the terms that we use here often at Looking …

Moby Dick Door

I have been posting pretty frequently this week, primarily because all of Seattle was shut down in what you may have heard …

Sense and Sensibility adaptations: Janeite Movie Marathon!

Sense and Sensibility Movie Adaptations all over the place. Last week I rented the 2007 BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility from …

Year of Pleasures, Elizabeth Berg

So, number one on the aforementioned Winter Book List ticked off and read: The Year of Pleasures, by the author Elizabeth Berg. I …

Reading Queue

I have noticed lately that I am not reading nearly as much as I usually do. I was staring at a computer …


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