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Marianne and Eleanor
Marianne and Brandon (who is way hotter and more believable as a romantic interest than their Whilloughby).
now you can see that awkward bowling shirt for yourself.

Scents and Sensibility- Regrettably Reviewed

One of the goals I outlined for this blog a few years ago was to watch every Jane Austen adaptation ever made. Sometimes those viewings are hilarious or fascinating or absurd, but Scents and Sensibility was none of those things unfortunately. After watching this, I have determined that it is …

Here we have Anne again- a screenshot this time.
Mr. Elliot
Captain Wentworth ::swooon::

On Persuasion, BBC 2007 Adaptation

Nothing beats the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, and nothing ever will. Have you seen …

Ryan Gosling Rant

***Spoiler Alert*** I just visited Portland this past weekend, and saw the movie Drive with Ryan Gosling. The movie theatre we went …

Sense and Sensibility adaptations: Janeite Movie Marathon!

Sense and Sensibility Movie Adaptations all over the place. Last week I rented the 2007 BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility from …

St. Trinian’s

In my last post I talked about doing a movie review soon. They seem to be fun for readers, and they are …

Movie Store!

So, challenge to myself is that I am trying to post at least once a week. This past one has been busy, …

My Defense of Bridgett Jones

  Generally, I consider myself a traditionalist in many ways, especially in relation to literature. I tend to stay fairly canonical a …


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