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Look how beautiful Seattle is when flying into town.
family super bowl coke commercial
super bowl coke commercial snip

Should America the Beautiful be in English Only?

Seattle geared up for about the past month to celebrate our football team actually doing spectacularly well. Every Friday at work we have been having potlucks and everyone is walking around town with their Seahawks gear on. It has been really energizing, and today there was a huge parade downtown …

Here we have Anne again- a screenshot this time.
Mr. Elliot
Captain Wentworth ::swooon::

On Persuasion, BBC 2007 Adaptation

Nothing beats the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice featuring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, and nothing ever will. Have you seen …

Georgie, my newly adopted dog, looks like he is ready to hoarde all of the journals. :: muah ha ha evil laughter::

Addicted to Journals

I have so many journals. Almost too many. I have been downsizing my things of late, and keep finding journals popping out …

Stressed out student- not a LFP original image.

10 Ways to Not Fail Your College English Class

For many people, introductory English classes at a University level seem almost too easy, especially if they had great teachers in high …

Reading Moby Dick (Again)

Here are the 10 Reasons I need to re-read Moby Dick: One should probably do this at least once every three years, …

Sense and Sensibility adaptations: Janeite Movie Marathon!

Sense and Sensibility Movie Adaptations all over the place. Last week I rented the 2007 BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility from …

Depressed? Or just British?

I came across this article yesterday and wanted to share- if you enjoy reading the Onion, have lived in Great Britain, or …


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