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Dawna and her Armenian cookies
Georgie's skinny shadow
Some lovely rocks I found stacked

#Experimentalroutine Reflected

Hello again lovely readers, I realize that it’s been a while, but I wanted to follow up with you and let you know how the routine has been going. If you do not quite remember what I’m talking about, you can check out these posts: I love my …

They always have the most beautiful stonewear mugs.
Here is an example of the wall hangings I'm referencing - they probably have one of the coziest restrooms I have been in.
A Muddy Cup, Seattle

A Muddy Cup, Coffee Shop Love Story

I’m a sucker for books, cozy reading chairs, and eclectic hippy stuff. Not surprisingly, one of my absolute favorite places to go …

Newest in May 062
dancing clouds-
Georgie portrait amongst flowers-

Hello from the Abyss

Hello readers, I have not forgotten about you or the blog! I have just been very busy, and promise to write a …

Mueller's Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey, review Looking for Pemberley

Review: Dan Mueller’s “Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey”

I have been postponing this review for as long as possible. Dan Mueller is an amazing writer and inspiring human being. He …

Also not an original image.

Sound and Writing

I still remember the first time I studied in a library in college- it basically changed my life outlook and my understanding …

Georgie cuteness-

Happy Writer’s March!

It is March first, and henceforth commences a month dedicated to writing. To learn more about Writer’s March, click HERE to read …

Wordless Wednesday Writing Prompt

Write for at least 10 minutes whatever comes to mind after viewing this image:

Slam Poetry and Justified Rage

There are lots of angry people in the world. We all get angry at different times, since we do not necessarily live …

also sourced from Lea's Google Plus account
Source: Lea Michele's Google+
source: examiner photo archives

Artist of the Week: Lea Michele

You might already know her from the hit TV show Glee. However, she has also recently released a solo album Louder, which …

My favorite picture of these guys!
Photo by Oliver Lazer
Here are more pictures of Hermes enjoying his Donut Cat post-birthday party :) You can find his facebook page HERE.

Interview with MarninSaylor, Inventors and Craftsmen of the World-Famous “Donut Cat”

  Don’t know what a Donut Cat is? Well, you are about to find out. I was enjoying a ginger cookie and …

Georgie, my newly adopted dog, looks like he is ready to hoarde all of the journals. :: muah ha ha evil laughter::

Addicted to Journals

I have so many journals. Almost too many. I have been downsizing my things of late, and keep finding journals popping out …

Georgie- he is my newl
Beets and such 025
A painting I made- need creative expression.

~Another Year Unwritten

Hello, I am turning another year older this July 7th. It does not feel like I should be this old. In fact, …

On Writing When You Don’t Feel Like It

Here is a more personal post than I usually write on Looking for Pemberley, but I thought it might be helpful to …

Interview with Jennifer Lynn Krohn, a Poet

To continue our interview series, I would like to introduce you to Jennifer Lynn Krohn. I have experienced her poetry in person, …

On Writing, Process, Procrastination, Facebook, and General Life

Blogging has become somewhat scattered. It has been really difficult for me to write lately for a few different reasons. Lately, I …

Review, Pitch Perfect

I sing, and I like to watch other singers perform. One of the reasons I decided to rent Perfect Pitch was because …


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