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They always have the most beautiful stonewear mugs.
Here is an example of the wall hangings I'm referencing - they probably have one of the coziest restrooms I have been in.
A Muddy Cup, Seattle

A Muddy Cup, Coffee Shop Love Story

I’m a sucker for books, cozy reading chairs, and eclectic hippy stuff. Not surprisingly, one of my absolute favorite places to go and work is A Muddy Cup in the University District of Seattle. Why do I enjoy being here so much? Because the owners (a cool neighborhood couple), made …

Newest in May 062
dancing clouds-
Georgie portrait amongst flowers-

Hello from the Abyss

Hello readers, I have not forgotten about you or the blog! I have just been very busy, and promise to write a …

Also not an original image.

Sound and Writing

I still remember the first time I studied in a library in college- it basically changed my life outlook and my understanding …

Georgie cuteness-

Happy Writer’s March!

It is March first, and henceforth commences a month dedicated to writing. To learn more about Writer’s March, click HERE to read …

Georgie, my newly adopted dog, looks like he is ready to hoarde all of the journals. :: muah ha ha evil laughter::

Addicted to Journals

I have so many journals. Almost too many. I have been downsizing my things of late, and keep finding journals popping out …

Review, Pitch Perfect

I sing, and I like to watch other singers perform. One of the reasons I decided to rent Perfect Pitch was because …

Heteronormativity, Part II

Hello again. I have a story to tell you about my personal experiences with heteronormativity (as discussed in Part 1 here), as …


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