Looking for Pemberley tea reflections
Looking for Pemberley Tea Cup Reflections
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Reflections on/in my Teacup

Sometimes I’m better with photos than with words. My grandfather is a photographer, and I strongly feel that there are some things that words cannot describe. We word lovers can try, but language will always fail us at times, a phenomenon lamented by centuries of writers. Modern e.g. is this …

Also not an original image.

Sound and Writing

I still remember the first time I studied in a library in college- it basically changed my life outlook and my understanding of what I was capable of achieving. I had found high school fairly easy, and never really struggled to get my work done until I was at my …

Georgie cuteness- lookingforpemberley.com

Happy Writer’s March!

It is March first, and henceforth commences a month dedicated to writing. To learn more about Writer’s March, click HERE to read …

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All the things! 073

Everyone Loves Quotes!

Hello readers, I know quotes are “all the rage” these days on the internet, but I rarely see quotes in front of …


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