Hi lovely readers. Welcome to Looking for Pemberley. Despite the specific reference in the title, my blog is open for most topics. You are invited to read our discussions here, and feel free to join in.  Hit me up with a comment, or send a message through the form below if you have any specific feedback for me, or want to have a post considered.

A little bit about myself, to start. I love to read. I also love to paint, draw, sing, and explore the world (would like to do more of that actually, so if you have any extra flier miles you are doling out, please contact me ;) ).

My first book was Henry’s Awful Mistake, by the illustrious children’s author Robert Quackenbush. You should definitely read this book if you haven’t yet. I have been interested in reading and relationships ever since encountering this story of Henry, Clara, and the very snarky ant.

Stories are important to me, and I feel that they have significant impacts on all of our lives. Stories are all around us- being read, consumed, and created daily, and I like to talk about them. They challenge,  inspire, and connect me to my own humanity and the humanity of others.

Explanation of the title? I read Pride and Prejudice in my first year of high school, and have been devouring more capital “L” Literature (and other less high-brow reads) the entire time after. My focus has been primarily 19th century, but I keep looking for that perfect reading experience, an Aha moment like the one Elizabeth feels when she visits Pemberley and realizes she’s fallen in love with Mr. Darcy.

I love that reading can transport us through the soul and experiences of conflicts that a character is coping with, elucidating our own experiences and working within us in our interactions with others.  However, I also believe that stories are in our daily experiences,  newspapers, media movies, and other “text.”

I currently live somewhere between Seattle, Albuquerque, and the Midwest, although mostly in Seattle. I have a Masters in Literature, and will sometimes write pseudo-academic articles here. However, you do not have to be an academic to join in our conversation.

Here at Looking for Pemberley the goal is to create a public forum for literary-inspired topics, including media, film, writing, popular culture, literary theory, gender, etc., and the more voices we have participating, the better.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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